IP Telephony

IP Telephony solutions make use of packet-switched connections from the Internet for the exchange of voice, fax and other data instead of using the traditional dedicated circuit-switched connections like PSTNs.

Benefits including cost savings, improved productivity, flexibility and advanced features make IP telephony an appealing technology.

Benefits of BOL IP Telephony Solutions:

  • Reliable voice communications
  • Connected with multiple ICXs and IGWs
  • Tailored solutions specific to meet your communication needs
  • Integration with existing system
  • Wide range of Value Added Services
  • Unparallel customer care support in the industry

Benefits of IP Telephony compared to Traditional PSTN Service

  • Cost savings
  • Improved productivity
  • Flexibility
  • Voice messaging
  • Easy administration
  • Advanced features
  • Add company greeting as per requirement
  • Better mobility